The Doctor Hates Germs

You would expect a doctor to be particular about cleanliness.  Not that Doctor Joe had a Howard Hughes type phobia about germs, but he did go to some extraordinary lengths [ … ]

The Doctor is Always In

  While today’s doctors work hard, they don’t usually make themselves available around the clock.  Doctor Joe made himself available in his medical office, in local hospitals as well as [ … ]

Of Barter and Balsa Models

Unlike today’s newly graduated physicians, Doctor Joe had no outstanding student loans. No HMO recruited him –they didn’t exist. He didn’t seek to join a practice already in operation or try to buy a practice from a retiring doctor. He really had no personal or business contacts in San Francisco to help him in that way. So, upon graduating from UC San Francisco Medical School he opened his own office with no patients and little fanfare. The cost to set up his office was below $2,500 –including malpractice insurance!